I had a really fabulous day yesterday!

A few days ago @ChrisFloydUK contacted me via Twitter to ask if I would be interested in being photographed for his #portwit project for the Sunday Times. He had had the great idea of photographing lots of people that he has got to know through Twitter, but never actually met in real life.

After he told me about it I thought….what a fabulous idea… and said I’d love to be part of the project…..along with people who are connected to me on Twitter.


So, yesterday was the day. We all made our way to Chris’ studio just off Ladbroke Grove and the fun commenced. We had a great day, it was so wonderful for me to meet people that I’d only spoken to online before IRL and to meet up with old Twitter friends that I’d not seen for a while.

I’m *really* looking forward to seeing @ChrisFloydUK‘s finished photographs, I can tell that they are going to be amazing :))

Thank you @ChrisFloydUK and thank you @Baskers @lloyddavis @GabrielleNYC @jackcabnory @fidget02 @joannejacobs @enemyofchaos @jemimag + Lila @haydenmead @Paul_Clarke @mazakari @robocallaghan and Jasmine :))


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