UNESCO, Sir Keith Park, Hadley Beeman and #MyDinner

I had an interesting day today. Quick pre root canal trip to the dentist…that joy is to follow tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ˜ฎ an interesting UNESCO Information Society UK Working Group meeting in Carleton House Terrace followed by a great meeting with Hadley Beeman….I’ve wanted to meet her for ages. What a great woman :))
On the way to meet Hadley I found a crowd of people outside the Athenaeum, they were there to see the unveling of a statue of Sir Keith Park, who led te RAF to victory in the Battle of Britain. There was a flypast by a Spitfire which I managed to catch on camera…..I should have videoed it, but ermmm….I didn’t. Nevermind.


After a great time chatting to Hadley about many things including our backgrounds, programming for kids and changing the world I ran off to get the train home and pick up @thecheekster from after school club. Being starving I launched straight into cooking dinner and inspired by @Baskers #TwitterDinnerClub I decided to live tweet my cooking. It wasn’t easy, I think I left some things out, but it was fun…I might try it again sometime.


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