Turing’s story needs to be told


I met Patrick SammonPresident of Story Center Films, last year when he was over in London. We share a love of Alan Turing and respect for his immense legacy and spent a happy couple of hours discussing just that in one of my favourite London restaurants Balans in Old Compton Street.


Patrick is now publicly rolling out plans for a new documentary that he is producing about Alan Turing.  A website for the film just went live. On the site, you can watch a two-minute teaser along with details about the production.




Here’s what Patrick says about the documentary:


As you know, Alan Turing was the British WW II code breaker and father of computer science who faced persecution for being gay. In his short life, Turing profoundly changed our world.  Historians believe that his WW2 code breaking work helped save millions of lives and shortened the war by two years. He also founded three new scientific fields:  computer science, artificial intelligence, and morphogenesis.


In 1952, he was arrested by British police for having a relationship with another man and eventually was forced to undergo chemical castration to “fix” his sexual orientation.  Two years after his arrest, Turing killed himself at age 41.  Turing is one of the most important scientists ever, yet his tragic story and lasting legacy remain largely unknown.  This film will change that fact.    


Here are more details about the production:


Almost 100 years after his birth, an international production team is set to take viewers on a journey to rediscover Alan Turing.  Research and development for this feature-length drama documentary is underway, with plans to reach millions of viewers around the world through broadcast and theatrical release.  The international production team includes Turing’s preeminent biographer Dr. Andrew Hodges.  Funding is currently being lined up for the film, with a goal for completion in mid-2012, to coincide with the centenary of Turing’s birth.  It’s an important story that needs to be told.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



Patrick Sammon


Please do get in touch with Patrick if you have any questions or can help with funding the documentary.



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