The Queen visits Bletchley Park


Yesterday was an amazing day. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited Bletchley Park to unveil a memorial to the codebreakers who worked there during the second world war. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many codebreakers together at Bletchley Park and more importantly to see them being interviewed by the press. The Queen’s speech was wonderful, mentioning Alan Turing, the fact that so many women worked at Bletchley Park, and that the Colossus the first computer is housed there. If you are interested in visiting Bletchley Park do sign up for the Google summer garden party on 4th August.

The Bletchley Park veterans are all over the press 🙂

The Sun: We helped crack codes to defeat the Nazis but Official Secrets Act stopped us discussing it for 40 years

The Telegraph: Video of the Queen’s speech at Bletchley Park

The Independent: Queen hails wartime codebreakers

Pink News: Queen unveils monument at Bletchley Park, home of gay genius codebreaker Alan Turing

ITV news: Tribute to Codebreakers

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