Google loves Bletchley Park and Bletchley Park loves Google


There’s a great piece from BBC News’ Gordon Corera today about Simon Meacham’s valiant effort to help Bletchley Park purchase the Turing papers last year. 

 I’ve been blogging about my campaign to save Bletchley Park for the last three and a half years 😮

Beginning with and moving over to in more recent times. If you are interested in more details, and some nice photos and audioboos from various people involved including Bletchley Park veterans I’ve listed particularly relevant posts below.??????Here are my blog posts from the time about:

Simon Meacham‘s great efforts to raise funding for the Turing papers 

The Turing papers auction

A great trip up to Bletchley Park with Peter Barron The day that the Turing papers were saved for Bletchley Park The day I was told that Bletchley Park is saved (Woohoo!!)

and the day of the Bletchley Park/Google garden party when Simon Meacham and I got to pose with the Turing papers at Bletchley Park

I also got to take a trip up to Bletchley Park with Robert Llewellyn for an episode of his Carpool series, we had such a great time.

Campaigning to save Bletchley Park has been a long journey for me, thank goodness it is now safe. Massive respect to Simon Meacham, Peter Barron and Google for setting such a great example to the computing industry. 



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