Dinner at the Irish Embassy – a great trip


I went to a great dinner at the Irish Embassy a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the advice of many lovely friends I was dressed appropriately in my best black frock, which is from Karen Millen in case you are interested and my high heels. Having managed to squeeze into my dress at my sons’ flat uptown I got a cab over to the embassy in Victoria. I managed to get out of the cab OK, walked a few paces over to the embassy steps and went to walk up the steps. Unfortunately I had forgotten that one needs to pick up the front of one’s dress when climbing stairs, stepped on the hem of the dress, tripped and lunged straight into the embassy landing on my hands and knees. OMG. 

Luckily for me the man on the door had turned sideways and was talking to the person who had walked in before me. Phew. I think my trip/lunge escaped unnoticed. I think.

After leaving my coat at the cloakroom i was invited to walk up the massive staircase to the reception room upstairs. Normally I wouldn’t have thought twice about that, but having just tripped and lunged through the front door, I was a bit hesitant. There wasn’t a Stanna stair lift in sight…the first time it had ever occured to me that I might like to try one.

Anyway, I took it slowly, lifted the front of my dress, gripped onto the stair rail for dear life and made my way up the stairs. Once I got to the top I was given a glass of champagne and suddenly everything seemed much more enjoyable. I couldn’t see anyone I knew in the packed room, so I went over and introduced myself to the lovely gentlemen in this photo. They made me very welcome and we had a great time chatting. 

When the photographer came over to take this photograph he said he was ready and we posed. The gentlemen all put their glasses behind their backs and smiled, I raised my glass and said “Cheers!” You can take the girl out of Essex….. Ah well, I’ve learnt that lesson, I’ll know for next time.

I had a fabulous evening, spoke to many very interesting people, one of whom lives over the road from Bletchley Park, and I hope to be invited to speak at the ESOF 2012 conference.

Despite several glasses of wine and a glass of port I managed to make it all the way back home OK with no major mishaps, no tripping, no lunging at all. Perhaps there’s a lesson there too 😉


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