Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker


Make sure you watch ‘Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker‘ on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight:  and if you enjoy it read Alan Hodges remarkable biography of Turing.

Then, if you want know even more and you are free on 19th January 2012 come to BCS Central London branch’s Turing event.

The program got Alan Turing trending on Twitter :))

One comment

  1. I thought this documentary did a good job. We’ll never be able to get inside Turing’s mind but the public knows more now about the man who invented the idea of the computer, who cracked the German Naval Enigma codes, thereby winning WWII and saving millions of lives, and who invented the disciplines of artificial intelligence and bioinformatics – quite enough for one genius I think.You can read my complete review on my blog:

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