Family tree update: Sidney Ambury to Solomon Hamburg


Last night I received this photo of my Dad’s Uncle Basil’s wedding in around 1943, the little boy at the front is my Dad and his Mum, my grandmother is at the left on the back row.  The photo came from Lesley Brown who I’ve been trying to find for a couple of years now after finding an article that she wrote for ‘Cockney Ancestor’ magazine about our ancestor Solomon Hamburg who changed his name to Sidney Ambury. 


Pic: (L to R) Jon Marx, me and Phil Marx with Jon’s family tree grid of all the relatives he has found

Since I first blogged about it loads has happened. A great guy called Phil Marx got in touch, who I now know is my third cousin, we met up and chatted about our knowledge of our family tree. Phil’s Dad Jon has since worked tirelessly to find more relatives, and has found about 100 I think now, he has done an absolutely amazing job. Jon has also organised a tour of the Spitalfields streets where our ancestors lived, followed by a lunch at the synagogue where several relatives married for May 2012. There will be around 70 of us meeting up there, many for the first time ever :))


Pic: (L to R) Jon Marx, my son Oliver and Phil Marx with Jon’s family tree grid

I grew up within a small family completely unaware that I had any Jewish roots and that I had many, many cousins. It has been an absolute delight to meet Phil and Jon’s lovely family, and to get connected in to the new relatives that due to Jon’s assiduous research are appearing almost every day.

This is another fabulous thing that we can thank computing, technology, the internet, for, it is changing my life and many others for the better by enabling us to connect to each other in ways that simply weren’t possible before now.


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