#gototech The goto Foundation’s 1st event

#gototech happened today. It was one of the most awesome and inspiring days of my whole career. 


The idea was simple. Inspire kids about computer science. Get them interacting with hardware, software and app design.

So that’s what we did. 


Pete Wood and his team from RS Electronics and Design Spark brought along 10 Raspberry Pis and taught 7 to 9 year old kids how to program in Python.

Debbie Forster and Sat Kenth from AppsforGood got the kids coming up with ideas for apps and helped them through the wireframe and use case process towards making their apps a reality.

Miles Berry and his team from Roehampton Insitute got the kids programming using Scratch, they created animal sprites and got them to dance around the screen.

The kids *loved* it. The buzz in each room was phenomenal. 

We really wanted to prove that young kids can do computer science and not only can they do it, they *love* it. We were right. 

It was an inspiring, uplifting day. I’ll write more later, but for now I’d really like to say thank you to the people that made it happen:

Carrie Hartnell and all involved from Intellect
Mrs Stubbington, the year 3/4 teachers and all from St Matthew’s School
Pete Wood and his team from RS Electronics and Raspberry Pi
Debbie Forster and Sat Kenth from AppsforGood
Mile Berry and his team from Roehampton Institute
 and of course most of all years 3 and 4 from St Matthew’s School.

You were all awesome!!



  1. Fantastic!!! actual living proof of why all schools need to start teaching Computer and IT syllabuses at a young age. It’s no longer a question of "need", but the reality is simply that it is "VITAL!!!"This will also readdress the issue of not locally recognised but globally recognised qualifications, accreditations and certifications. But just how ready is the whole education system from infants to senior school?Brilliant work by Sue and all those involved – just brilliant!!

  2. This is great! Get ’em coding when they’re young. It not only teaches them about computers and software, it also teaches logical rigorous thinking.

  3. Today’s event has created a real buzz and I hope the start of more to come. What a great experience to have so many keen and knowledgable people to learn with. Key to the excitement is the cooperation between the organisations, in order to get teachers interested. The children will have certainly enjoyed it :)Well done, Goto Team!

  4. Thanks for a great blog Dr Black, it really give those of us who could be there a flavour of what looks like was an amazing 1st event, for an amazing idea.Also great to hear someone who inspires so many other being inspired herself.<goto> is helping to code all our futures.

  5. The only downside of the whole day was not being able to see the other sessions in progress! (No offence @mberry xD) Fantastic day which I’m pretty sure the children enjoyed as much as we did!Now lets just hope Gove actually gets the message/your tweet πŸ™‚

  6. This is such an important initiative and I’m so proud of Sue for her great work. As someone who has developed curriculum for teachers in using tech in education, I can say with authority that experiential learning is so much more powerful than conceptual learning, not just because it taps into spatial memory, but because it fosters in learners a sense of achievement. And in an environment where interaction design has developed almost too much in sophistication, it’s great to see a new generation of kids actually understanding how their kit works, and not just expecting things to work! Here endeth black box (or should I say appley-white-box?!) thinking! HOORAY! πŸ™‚

  7. Awesome, so awesome!! Wish my daughter could have been to this but she is only in year 2…hopefully you’ll be running more in the years to come as I’d like both of my kids to not just play with software on computers, but actually understand what goes into making those programs and how it all works. The joy they would get out of making something function that they created would be a wonderful thing to behold πŸ˜€

  8. How do I book you to come and do the same in my kids’ school, please? When their Y4 ‘topic map’ for IT came home with the item "Use PowerPoint to make a website" I nearly died. This is SO important in so many ways and am so excited you’re doing it. Go Sue!!

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