Free Turing events at the Dana Centre

Just heard about these events at the Dana Centre. If you are interested in Turing they sound like fun 🙂

In celebration of renowned WWII cryptographer Alan Turing???s centenary this year the Science Museum is running some events based on his work and theories.

The first is ???Would you date a computer???? based on the idea of ???Turing Tests???. Some blind-date style games and a bit of guess who will lead into group debates on computers and consciousness. Can a computer pass for a human being? What would it mean if they could?

It will be on Tuesday 6th November from 7pm-9pm at the Dana Centre.


The second is ???Algo-rhythms???, an exploration into another of Turing???s ideas that computers might be creative! Try your hand at algorithmic art and see a dance piece choreographed by algorithmic processes. Can artificial intelligence produce real creativity? 
It will be on Wednesday 14th November from 7pm-9pm at the Dana Centre.


Events are FREE but space is limited to book soon!

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