From Bletchley Park to modern computing: the value of Twitter

I gave a Lunch Hour Lecture at UCL today:

Bletchley Park is the historic site of secret British codebreaking activities during World War II and the work carried out there by Alan Turing and others led to the birth of the modern computer. How did we get from Bletchley Park to modern software engineering? Dr Black will discuss how the use of social media can leverage capability in very diverse areas, from campaigning for a historical site to improving the quality of software.

A fabulous audience of around 170 people came along to listen and many more watched the live stream.

My slides are below, if you download them you can also see my commentary and links in the notes.

I made everyone promise to visit Bletchley Park in 2013 and told them how to get there from London: just 36 minutes to Bletchley on the fast train from Euston and then its a 100m walk. Why don’t you promise too and go visit 🙂

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