The Universal Machine

I had a fabulous night out last night at the New Diorama Theatre near Warren Street. We were there to watch a new musical The Universal Machine all about Alan Turing, his life and work. Although at first skeptical about what a musical about Turing would be like we decided to go.


Here I am with my friend Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Richard Delaney who did a fabulous job as Alan Turing in the production.

We all throughly enjoyed the show. In the audience were quite a few notable people. Prof Barry Cooper from Leeds who chaired and ran the Turing Centenary campaign last year. He did such a fabulous job and was there last night with his daughter. Prof Simon Lavington, Bletchley Park veteran Ruth Bourne, two of Alan Turing’s nieces.

Some of these great people are in the photo below along with the cast. If you are even slightly interested in Bletchley Park and/or Alan Turing please do go along and see The Universal Machine. You will be glad that you did.


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