Girls in ICT Day – Geneva April 2014

I’m in Geneva for a couple of days to celebrate Girls in ICT day 2014 #girlsinICT with the ITU the International Telecommunication Union, the part of the United Nations that specialises in technology. I’m on a panel later on today. We arrived yesterday afternoon and after a short British Airways flight from London which took just over an hour.


After a 15 min train ride from the airport we were in the centre of Geneva


After checking in at our hotel we went to be interviewed at ITU and met some of the fabulous women who work there 🙂 We just had to take a #selfie…


Then my daughter Leah and I went to have a look around and hang out.



Here we are outside the UN HQ building


This is Baby Plage, a fabulous mana made beach with play equipment made from recycled car tyres etc.


At the #girlsinICT conference Super Awesome Sylvia demonstrates her WatercolorBot


Leah looking forward to the digital music making workshop


Super Awesome Sylvia again 🙂


ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure welcomes us all to #girlsinICT day


The wonderful Doreen Bogdan Chief of Strategic Planning at ITU, a great role model for the girls here and for us all

Chief of Strategic Planning and Membership at ITU BlPz9DQIMAA-oEm

Sylvia gets lots of interest from the gilrs and tells everyone about when she met President Obama at the White House. Go Sylvia!


Sylvia interviewed again about what she has done and what she is interested in. Check her out at The Sylvia Show.


What an awesome day! …and it has only just begun, looking forward to more exciting stuff this afternoon.


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