Thoughts on International Women’s Day 2016 – #IWD2016 


We still need IWD to champion the efforts and achievements of women across the ages which have, and still are, largely unremarked and unrecorded. Our society, unfortunately, is vaguely misogynist and has been for some time. This has affected the way that women’s achievements have been viewed in a negative way. Women have been, and are still, given less opportunity to make the most of their lives, this negatively affects women and men. Our culture makes it easiest for everyone to live life as a stereotype, this again diminishes opportunity as a life lived in this way curbs potential. 
On the bright side, I’m very excited to see so many women now achieving great things. I’m delighted to see so many people, women and men, speaking out for women’s rights and so many people supporting and championing the women who are working to make the world a better place for us all. 

IWD is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate all the amazing women who have gone before us, those of us alive now, and to think about the incredible future world that we would like to create for the girls and women that have yet to be born.


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