Mesh scandal whistleblower stopped by UCLH from saving women

Incredible UCLH surgeon Suzy Elneil was a whistleblower on this situation, and is now being stopped by UCLH from practicing.

Her work is saving lives, helping women in ridiculous amounts of pain caused by mesh implants.

Suzy is the UK’s top mesh removal surgeon, she removed around 400 mesh implants last year. No one else in the UK has this amount of experience.

Thousands of women, some suicidal from the amount of pain, need their mesh removed urgently.

The FDA in the US have banned mesh operations.

The FDA have told medical device companies to stop manufacturing and selling mesh.

Mesh kills, maims and injures, but mesh implants are very lucrative for medical device companies and implanting surgeons.

What can be done?

NB Thanks so much to #slingthemesh for supporting mesh injured women and men


    1. I’m at a loss I was to be operated on in March they said I had to have an echo so the op was put on hold the echo was fine I was told I would get a phone call I don’t know what to do now I have nowhere to go they don’t respond to my phone calls or tell me anything it’s so unfair that I got so far I paid to go to Harley st.. for the first appt what do I do now and I have this cyst thing which they opened up last year but it’s coming back..

  1. As a very, very grateful Patient of Miss Elneil, I am horrified at what is happening to her. She removed my mesh, and still continues to treat me. I was over the moon to get the chance to see this very respected and experienced Surgeon, and hundreds more Ladies are now devastated, wondering if she can treat them or not. UCLH need to realise that Patients are coming there to see her, not her Colleagues who don’t have mesh removal experience! UCLH should value her as her mesh ladies do!

    1. NHS ENGLAND should hang their heads in shame. Ms Elneil is a highly respected surgeon in the UK, who has held her head above the parapet of the MESH SCANDAL , to help mesh injured women, who have suffered chronic & acute pain & disabilities because of this poison. Surgeons have forgotten how to use the skills they left medical school with. Using the patients own tissue – instead they have been weakened & fallen prey to the heavy financial marketing from big Pharma companies. Abhorrent inhumane corrupt tactics . Profit over injured patients safety. We are not going away! We need Ms Elneils skills now!

  2. This is disgusting, Ms Elneil has helped me, removing central part of my mesh, please don’t stop her, she is a saint

  3. My life isn’t worth living after this weeks revelation about Ms Elneil. This is yet another sad tragic scandal relating to poisonous MESH implants .Ms Elneil was my only hope after 10 years of suffering in pain & being Gas lighted by previous medical professionals. The analogy “ Nails- coffin” springs to mind! 💔😢😡

  4. This is so unbelievable. Its taken nearly 3yrs to have my diagnosis and Suzy told me it’s urgent my mesh is removed. What the hell do I do now?

    1. You and many other women. I had mine removed in February by Miss Elneil and her team.

      I think the problem lies so deep in corruption that the big Pharmaceutical is sending out a message.

      You cross us we will destroy your name. And anything you have to lose.

      It’s going to get worse with what is happening the USA Tells of a story of what’s going on .

      And the FDA too are involved. But as I keep telling people follow the history of the money and the medical histories you will find the answers.

      They are intertwined the people who truly run the world.

      It’s all about money. But also it’s far more darker than billions of people will ever understand.

      I feel sorry for all them who still have mesh .

      But they will come for DR V sooner rather than later.

      He will be next.

  5. She won a national award on the BBC’s One Show this year. Can we get the BBC to investigate and speak out about this!?

    1. BBC will not get involved! Trust me they don’t give a hoot.

      The BBC is as corrupt as the big pharmaceutical.

    2. I feel so sad for the women who are not going to experience the wonderful treatment I received from Sohier Elneil. Hopefully UCLH will change their minds. My colleagues in America speak about her with so much respect.

  6. I have tented mesh and it is also torturously close to my small bowel. The Ethicon mesh 15cm x 15cm apparently turned into 20 x 4cm by the administrating surgeon in 2005. That said…I have no quality of life due to pain brought on by inflammation and extreme fatigue directly associated with the protacks and mesh. The right side of my lower body is not behaving as it should. I have seen 11 consultants. Each has told me a very little concerning mesh. I have pieced together over the past year all of their findings…MISS Soheir Elneil was the only consultant who finished off each sentence for me accuratly. My life is declining in such a horrific way that the refreshing honestly from her (as opposed from mengala dedicated mesh consultants who turn a radiographers insignificant divaticular into chronic divatlculitus)i found extremely helpful and refreshing. She knew what I was suffering and I knew she cared enough to tell me she would investigate how she could help. I felt safe because she has performed and gained a great deal of experience to help those of us left disabled by the NHS and private sector medical personal who persistently strive to continue putting a product into men and women and denighing how it is effecting me even. Various scans and tests prove this is what my problem is. If Miss E cannot remove my problem mesh i do not wish to continue the way I am as the pain will only get worse. My family suffer.

  7. Now they have disbanded community heath councils all I could suggest is people badger ” NICE” until this decision is overturned , not sure what else to suggest . is their a petition to sign and share ?

  8. I’m deverstated by the cancellations. My goal has been moved with no light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot cope much longer I do not know what to so anymore.

  9. I am under T Greenwell and have had my mesh removal surgery cancelled three times, the latest yesterday when my op was due to be done today.I wonder if one of the reasons are because she is taking on Ms Edneil’s patients .? What happened to the 18 week target when I was referred in July 2018.

  10. I am awaiting mesh removal. I had mine placed in 2005 although we are still arguing over that. After I woke from my surgery for hysterectomy I couldn’t pee and still have alternate problems of not being able to pee to peeing all the time. Now have added other problems such as no penetrative sex, painful organisms, just to name a few as well as auto immune responses. I had these ever since I had the surgery but was not aware I had plastic in me until a few years ago.

    1. I think it’s more likely that plastic is cheaper and easier to manufacture in quantity and “new” and medical device companies saw that they could make millions of pounds/dollars profit without much effort 🤬

  11. I had surgery started by Ms Elneil in March 2017. My GP surgery had failed to deal with a massive bladder infection so Ms Elneil had to stop the mesh removal and the removal of a faulty Medtronic bladder device. I have written everywhere for help as instead of being readmitted before the end of 2017 I still have had no treatment. It has affected my mental health I have been diagnosed with PTSD, as well as my physical health. I wrote to the CEO of UCLH in 2018 as I kept leaving messages on Ms Elneil’s secretary’s answering machine and not having an answer. I have since 2018 been begging for help and UCLH complaints were supposed to be looking into it. (2012 if you count when I was first told it was mesh damage and to contact MHRA The mesh itself was inserted twice apparently in 2005 and 2008 but incomplete notes at 2 other hospitals have been sweept under the floorboards and ignored) This is the biggest cover up ever and I can’t see me ever being treated let alone well.
    The Parliamentary health ombudsman told me to write to my MP in November 2019. He eventually agreed in March 2020 then decided with Covid it wasn’t appropriate to put pressure on the complaints department. So far I have had to ask him 3 times if UCLH have replied by the time they claimed they would this year and I am still being fobbed off. I only found this information that Ms Elneil had been stopped from operating yet since 2017 I have not been told. The stock answer has been that she is so busy she can’t take on new patients. I have been her patient since 2015. After all that I have been through it was with relief that Ms Elneil agreed to treat me as an NHS patient. I have seen most of the people now being added to the latest Government specialist centres and not had the confidence and trust in any of them till I met Sohier Elneil I am really shocked to hear she is being stopped from treating woman already suffering massive effects from this mesh. Its disgusting. The latest is that the CEO will be leaving his role on 31st March 2021 One report says he has been appointed as a Government adviser the other that he is returning to Holland. I find it hard to stomach that Mark Hancock has been visiting the hospital but his MP colleague can’t get a response to the questions he has asked on my behalf. Like one other writer asked what do I do now?

    1. Hi Lynda,
      I’m so sorry I’ve just seen your post. You poor love ❤️ I wish I knew what to tell you to do but I don’t. It’s utterly disgusting that thousands of women are in a similar position and its just being hushed up. It breaks my heart 💔 are you in the Sling the mesh group on Facebook? Xx

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