Research Assistant / Associate for ‘CoroNAb’ at Imperial College London #covid19

Dear All,

We are seeking a postdoctoral research assistant to join us on very short noticeat Imperial College to work on COVID19 evolutionary dynamics. I provide a job description below. This may be suitable for highly motivated post-docs or recent graduates who want to temporarily work on COVID19 for 1-2 years. The work can be carried out remotely for the time being and there is no need to relocate, but the applicant should be based in the UK. Can you please circulate to anyone you feel would be interested and qualified? The official start date is April 1. No joke! We will still consider applications after that date.

Research Assistant / Associate for ‘CoroNAb’ at Imperial College London

We are seeking a postdoctoral research assistant to study evolutionary dynamics and antiviral resistance in SARS Coronavirus 2.  The purpose of this post is to conduct research into evolutionary forces acting on the virus in response to rollout of hypothetical pharmaceutical interventions including likely effects on virus fitness, virulence, and rate of antiviral escape mutations. The postholder will conduct mathematical modeling of evolutionary dynamics and may develop statistical models to detect antiviral escape mutations. Modeling will be coupled with phylogenetic analysis of SARS CoV 2 genetic sequence data. Models may also be developed for the purpose of forecasting public health benefits due to rollout of antiviral medications. 

The work will be carried out within a EU-funded consortium of research institutions developing monoclonal antibody therapies. The post holder will work in the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis and the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College London. The MRC Centre has played a prominent role in mathematical and statistical analysis of the ongoing COVID19 epidemic and has close collaborative partnerships with public and global health agencies (notably the World Health Organization, where we are a Collaborating Center for Infectious Disease Modelling), governments and non-governmental bodies across the world.

Interested applications should send a CV and brief statement of interest to Erik Volz

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