Honorary Doctorate from Royal College of Art presented by Jony Ive

I had a wonderful time today receiving an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art ❤️🙏❤️

Massive congratulations to all students graduating today at TheAlbertHall and my fellow honorands Siobhán Davies and Peter Gabriel

#RCAconvocation #lifegoals @siobhandavies #petergabriel

Wonderful Bletchley Park work by year 6 Girls at Surbiton High School 

I was invited to Surbiton High School earlier this year to speak about my book Saving Bletchley Park. The year 6 girls and teachers went on a trip to Bletchley Park a few weeks ago. Today I was invited back to see all the work they had done and hear about their trip. They had made Anderson shelters, morse code machines, cardboard suitcases and had dressed up in 1940s clothes, it was fabulous. Cross curricula activity at its best 😀👍🎉


My day: 18th March 2016 – Saving Bletchley Park book signing, lunch at the Shard celebrating my sister Sarah’s birthday and “Performing for the camera” at Tate Modern. 

Had a lovely day yesterday signing copies of my book “Saving Bletchley Park” in 3 branches of Foyles, lunch at the Shard celebrating my sister Sarah’s birthday, and then the “Performing for the camera” exhibition at the Tate Modern 😀❤️😀

My International Women’s Day 2016 in pictures #IWD2016

My #IWD2016 started with a keynote at King Games in Soho, what a great bunch of people, and supercool offices.   
Quick catchup with @lloyddavis and @technokitten for an #IWD2016 podcast    
Bumped into Professor Sarah Martindale from Nottingham University outside the House of Commons. 

Spent 2 hours live tweeting the #IWD2016 debate for the 50:50 Parliament campaign. Got chucked out for taking a photo, then was let back in to continue. 


Went to the private view of Jess de Wahls fabulous #STOPJECTIFY exhibition at the Different Gallery on Percy Street in London. 

A wonderful #IWD2016 with so many friends old and new. Happy #IWD2016! 😀👍🎉

RIP Lemmy – rock legend


Rock legend Lemmy who died yesterday aged 70


Motörhead were the best band I’ve ever seen live. They were my favourite band when I was 16, my friend Denise and I used to lie on the floor in her bedroom playing Motörhead – the album – over and over, really loud. I saw them play at Reading Festival in 1979, they were completely amazing. 

Me in 1980 – a big Motorhead fan

I’ve never experienced anything like it since. Just absolutely bloody incredible, mind blowing, orgasmic music.
Overkill still is one of my favourite albums ever. I should play it more often. 

Me in 1983 – still a big Motorhead fan

I only met Lemmy once, it was either at the Hippodrome or Limelight nightclub in around 1986. I can’t remember what our conversation was, but I remember I got a kiss on the cheek 😀

RIP Lemmy you will be missed. 

Lemmy dies at 70 – The Guardian 

Lemmy dies aged 70 after cancer diagnosis – BBC News

NESTA’s Crucible Alumni event at Science Gallery Dublin + Inspirefest kick off. 

I’m just back from a fabulous 6 days in Dublin. I was there organising 2 events at the Science Gallery Dublin and speaking at Inspirefest 2015.  


On Tuesday I met up with some Cruciblers, I’m chair of Crucible Alumni: 400 mainly science experts with PhDs and an interest in public engagement. We went on a great science walk led by Patrick Roycroft from Ingenious Ireland. It was excellent. Very entertaining and educational.  

Tuesday evening we spent at The Liquor Rooms, catching up with each other and drinking (4 pints of Guinness!) first time I’ve done that!  

On Wednesday we ran our Crucible #healthhack looking at cutting deaths by smoking by 50% to save 3 million lives per year. We had help from some great  experts. I was shocked to learn that smoking cuts about 16 years off your life. Shocking. My best friend Hazel died from lung cancer recently, she was only 56. 



We had some great discussions and came up with our top solution which we are excitingly going to execute soon. More I that in another post. 


A fabulous lunch was followed by our afternoon Crucible event #fullSTEAMahead a few hours of talks from STEAM experts. 

We were privileged to have Margie McCarthy from Science Foundation Ireland along to open the afternoon.

First speakers were Sinead Kelly, Jennifer Wickham and me talking about #techmums, what it is through to what it’s like to be a #techmum.   The afternoon was a smorgasbord of delightfully interesting talks from Cruciblers and keynote speakers. 


The subjects were so diverse from: BlackGirlsCode to rocket science and dinosaurs. 


All talks will be on YouTube soon. It was wonderful to also have some of our fab #techmums trainers come along to the afternoon 😀

I had a wonderful time organising the day with Polly Dalton, Denis O’ Hora and Paul Roach. They were fabulous to work with. 

In the evening we went to the Inspirefest speakers kickoff event at Farmleigh, a fabulous house in a park just outside Dublin. Here’s a few pics from the evening which was opened by conference chair Ann O’ Dea and the minister.   


I was delighted that several friends from all over were there too including the completely awesome Cindy Gallop. 

We Cruciblers ended the day with another few pints of Guinness followed by a kebab 😀

It was a fabulous memorable day, we’ve lots of content that will be up online soon and even more ideas on how we are going to change the world. 

I’d like to thank Polly, Denis and Paul for helping to arrange the day and Paul for filming the day. They were all fabulous. Thanks to the Science Gallery, to Ingenious Ireland, The Liquor Rooms, Ann O’Dea and Silicon Republic. To all the fab Cruciblers that came along, to our experts, our speakers and our audiences. It was a day I’ll never forget. 


Awesome London Walks street art walking tour

I went on a London street art walking tour today with my family. I thought I would like it, but I absolutely loved it. The tour led by Pepe Martinez started at Liverpool Street station and lasted 2 hours. We learnt about Shepard Fairey who also produced the iconic Obama HOPE poster, Eine, Invader, Inkie, Pablo Delgado, Jimmy Cochrane and many more. After the tour we warmed up and took a selfie at the Canvas Cafe on Hanbury Street and then got delicious salt beef bagels from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane.