Can I learn to DJ? Is it easy? The Idris Elba and Childish Gambino debacle

I’ve been thinking for about hmm well 40 years now, that I’d really like to learn to DJ. Doing Desert Island Discs reminded me. Is it easy? How would I get started?

Here’s a pic I took of Idris Elba DJing last night. He played just the “This is America” refrain of Childish Gambino’s amazing track, mixed in with another track and I was just so desperate to go up there and make him play the whole track.

I forgave him when he played “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana, as his last track, an obvious homage to my Desert Island Discs 🤣🤣🤣

Amazing #changeforgood hackathon at #CannesLions and party with Kylie, Idris Elba and Fatboy Slim

I had an amazing birthday here in Cannes yesterday, judging a tech #changeforgood hackathon with some awesome people from Global Citizen, Huge, and Amazon, and one of my all time heroes @garyvee.

In the evening I went to an amazing party at a chateau, met more awesome people and lots of friends mainly from London. Crazy.

Idris Elba and Fat Boy Slim DJed and Kylie did a set. It was amazing. Thanks so much Angie Moxham for the invite 🙏❤️🙏

RIP Lemmy – rock legend


Rock legend Lemmy who died yesterday aged 70


Motörhead were the best band I’ve ever seen live. They were my favourite band when I was 16, my friend Denise and I used to lie on the floor in her bedroom playing Motörhead – the album – over and over, really loud. I saw them play at Reading Festival in 1979, they were completely amazing. 

Me in 1980 – a big Motorhead fan

I’ve never experienced anything like it since. Just absolutely bloody incredible, mind blowing, orgasmic music.
Overkill still is one of my favourite albums ever. I should play it more often. 

Me in 1983 – still a big Motorhead fan

I only met Lemmy once, it was either at the Hippodrome or Limelight nightclub in around 1986. I can’t remember what our conversation was, but I remember I got a kiss on the cheek 😀

RIP Lemmy you will be missed. 

Lemmy dies at 70 – The Guardian 

Lemmy dies aged 70 after cancer diagnosis – BBC News