38 Minutes: Is That a Record? The Power of Social Media

This morning I got involved in a conversation on Twitter with @EmmaFirth and @JamesFirth. Emma’s platinum wedding ring had broken, she tweeted this:


I had a look at her and husband @JamesFirth’s tweets and thought…that’s not right! Along with several others I tweeted and retweeted several times along the lines of :


James tweeted


Meanwhile @EmmaFirth had found that her and James were not alone in their experience, others had had similar problems with @ejonesjewellers. Emma tweeted this:


A click on the link led to others who had had a similar experience


so….they were not alone in their experience.
several of us retweeted Emma’s link.

But then, what was this? We heard that @EJonesJewellers had been in touch with James:



…so in 38 minutes there seemed to be a complete turnaround by the Jewellers involved. James and Emma were offered a full refund :))

Is 38 minutes a record? I’d love to hear your experiences…especially if you know of a faster turnaround.


  1. Nice! For the record all *I* did was to point out there would be an emotional element to the original purchase so vendors should handle such things carefully, not insensitively. For a company selling jewellery you’d hope they’d be sensitive to that aspect.

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