Are you Social or Antisocial?

Every year I organise a joint BCS central London branch/BCSWomen event. It is always fun and hopefully controversial πŸ™‚
This year is no exception. The speakers are of absolutely excellent calibre and well known in their respective fields. It promises to be a very interesting evening, I do hope you can join us.


LJ Rich, Freelance Producer/Reporter @BBCClick & more

Jemima Gibbons, Social Media Writer and Consultant
Joanne Jacobs, Social Media Expert Consultant

Thursday 20th January 2011

The evening will be Chaired by Dr Sue Black, Senior Research Associate, UCL and held at BCS, Southampton Street, London, UK.

The role of Social Media Strategist or Chief Collaboration Officer may soon become a key management role in successful companies. Will having a person working in this position enable companies to increase their social awareness, their internal communication and collaboration and therefore their profitability? Or is it, along with all of social media a current fad that will soon fade from our memories and disappear? 

Recent high profile cases such as the prosecution of Paul Chambers and the attack on Sarah Baskerville by the Daily Mail will be discussed. 

Come and hear from our expert speakers to find out what they think and why. 

#tag for the event is #BCSsocial

One comment

  1. Social Media (Marketing, Customer Service, Cost reduction) for business is definitely not a fad and companies that ignore this trend do so at their peril. I think we will see social media evolve into a social business model – look at what naked wines are doing. For many organisation, these are challenges are in fact new and disruptive business models. So they will need people in the organisation who can lead on these topics. It may not be long before we see "Facebook channel, twitter channel" or the like in peoples’ job descriptions.

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