Are you Social or Antisocial? #BCSsocial trends on Twitter!


#BCSsocial was a great event! 120 people came along to hear what our fabulous speakers Jemima GibbonsJoanne Jacobs and LJ Rich had to say. My humble thanks to them for their energy and wisdom.

I Chaired the event and asked the audience at the beginning of the event if they were Social (pro social media) or Antisocial (against social media). I was expecting it to be about 60/40 pro social media, but in fact it was 113 for and 7 against, so I guess we were preaching to the converted…..

…..but it didn’t seem to matter, we had extremely wide ranging discussion, with negative views being fairly and evenly discussed, and counterpoints put and explained.

We got an online audience engaged too #BCSsocial trended in London during the event :)) 

*** Below are links to blog posts/pics/feedback/recordings of the event.

Are you Social or Antisocial? by Jemima Gibbons

Eres social o anti-social? 

There Goes Everybody: what will happen to your business if you DON’T use social tools

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  1. It was a great event !For those who access my blog, there’s a translator to convert text into English!

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