Calling all Codebreakers!!


Can you help the FBI solve a mysterious murder? Ricky McCormick was murdered in 1999 in the US, no murderer has ever been found. He had two notes on his body in his trouser pockets. Do they contain any clues to his murder or are they mundane documents, maybe a shopping list? Can you help?

The evidence and information:

The FBI page about the murder and containing the coded notes page

Wikipedia page about the murder and the quest to decode the notes

The Telegraph report on the story

We are using hashtag #FBIcode to keep in touch whilst trying to decode the notes.

Fancy helping out?

@JaCattell and I typed up the notes pages and put them on a Googledoc

@Lovuschka’s notes and Googledoc 

Frequency count info from @Dartacus

Thanks to SteveHills and Lovuschka for bringing this to my attention :))

Please let me know if you have any relevant and useful links.

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