Summer Garden Party at Bletchley Park


I’m currently working hard with fabulous people at Google organising a Summer Garden Party to be held on August 4th at Bletchley Park. Apart from being a great opportunity to visit Bletchley Park (some pics above) itself there will be all sorts of wonderful attractions at the garden party:

  • Fabulous 30 minute tours of Bletchley Park, find out what you always wanted to know about Bletchley Park and see the huts where the codebreakers worked
  • Pathe news clips from WW2 will be showing in the gorgeous onsite cinema throughout the party
  • The Turing papers on display in their new bespoke cabinet


  • An auction run by a top Christies auctioneer with some very exciting prizes including a framed piece of Google code, similar to pic above 🙂
  • Tombola and other typical summer fair type stalls
  • English cream tea 
  • The chance to meet other people who are interested in Bletchley Park and possibly some Bletchley Park veterans.

Travel to Bletchley Park is easy from London with three trains per hour leaving from London Euston. The fastest train takes 36 minutes London to Bletchley and leaves at 13 minutes past each hour.


If you are planning on driving please type Sherwood Drive, Bletchley into your satnav.


It is promising to be *the* event of the summer 🙂 and will be covered by the Daily Telegraph, so make sure you have your best clobber on ;)) There will also be a feature on Bletchley Park in the 30th July edition of the Telegraph.

If you would like to come to the garden party please sign up here:

Bletchley Park Summer Garden Party

I really look forward to seeing you there!



  1. Sounds fun. Would love to be on the tour guide team for the day. Chance to do proper geeky tours!

  2. @Niki I hope you will come, have not seen you for ages, hope all’s well? @Sarah Fabulous :)) @Gary Really hope that you can come @PJ Cool, geeky tours sounds excellent :)) @Jacqui excellent! See you there if not before :))

  3. Hi Sue, I have emailed the RSVP address above & look forward to seeing you on the day.

  4. Many thanks Sue, for your invitation, garden party sounds fantastic! Would love to come and to see you again, and we will try. You have done so much for B.P and for raising funds for them, well done!

  5. Thanks very much to everyone that came, it was a wonderful day and raised over ??10k for the renovation of Block C :))I hope that we can make it an annual event!

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