Please spare a thought… #londonriots


Feeling weird. Riots in the streets in my beloved London. A friend from the US stayed at my place last night because he couldn’t get home to his flat in Clapham Junction due to rioters. Tonight, everyone being sent home from work early, shops are shutting and being boarded up.

Both my sons are Special Constables in the Met (Metropolitan Police) which means that they are part time, fully trained volunteers, they do this because they care about their community. In their day jobs one is an economist at the Cabinet Office, the other an administrator at a London university.

One of my sons will be on duty from 7pm tonight as a police officer in Brixton. I’m frankly beside myself with worry. I’ve no idea what will happen, but I don’t think I will be sleeping that much, if at all.

Apparently there are going to be 16 thousand police officers on duty tonight. Please spare a thought for them, and their families.


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