The foundation is born

A lean non-profit organization, <goto> will bring funding in from industry and use it to develop and promote exciting, game changing, computer science promoting projects to inspire the general public. The <goto> foundation aims to change public perception of computer science from “Computer says NO” to “Computer says YES”.

The <goto> foundation seeks to change the poor public perception of computer science.  If you ask the person on the street what they think about computers and computing, the result is likely to be negative. The <goto> foundation seeks to address this perception, replacing it with a more positive image and greater understanding of the importance of computer science to society and the economy. 


  1. When I did computer science (thirty years ago!), we were told at the start that any use of “goto” – or any other unconditional jump – would result in us being immediately expelled from the course.

    Anyway, I had a great time at a British Computer Society meeting last week where a bunch of us from our 40s to 70s were excited and animated about the Raspberry Pi and how it could, in conjunction with open source operating systems and languages, allow another cycle of innovative creation like the one that brought us into the ‘Data Processing’ industry.

    It does indeed file the time is right for another revolution in technology use by youth. There’s plenty of evangelists about to help it happen. Good luck with

  2. Ho, ho! WordPress doesn’t display “less than” goto “greater than” – perhaps that lecturer in college was right about not using it. 🙂

    Presumably it makes use of markup

    These might work instead: «goto» ‹goto›

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