Well what a week. I think I did more in the last week in terms of having great chats with really interesting people than I’ve ever done in my life.

Last Friday I was asked by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to talk about social media in the perspective of human rights. They were making a podcast for human rights day, which was yesterday 10th December. I was a bit worried that I’m not a human rights expert, but it all went well, luckily I was only asked about things that I know about already, or at least have an opinion on. That’s the same thing right? 😉

The podcast is on the FCO website, I’m introduced by Jeremy Browne, FCO Minister at about 20:10.

On Monday I went to the launch of the new 4th Floor at the Google Offices in Victoria. There were lots of interesting people there, some already friends and others just waiting to throw preserved fish products around, 


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