Station X Exhibition in Milton Keynes


I’ve been *so* lucky to have met with lots of really interesting people over the last few years through being involved with Bletchley Park. One of those people is Maya Ramsey  an installation artist who specialises in war.

Maya is one of the artists involved in creating the Station X exhibition that opens in Milton Keynes next week. I can’t wait to see it! 🙂


Station X MK Gallery’s Project Space exhibition during May, offers a multi-sensory insight into the derelict buildings of Bletchley Park, (otherwise known as Station X), the home of the World War Two code-breakers, and arguably one of Britain’s most important historical sites. 

The exhibition is the result of a unique collaboration between installation artist Maya Ramsay, sound artist Caroline Devine, photographer Rachael Marshall and film maker Luke Williams.  Together they provide a contemporary interpretation of Station X, by documenting the visual and aural histories imbued in the very fabric of the buildings, before they are lost when planned renovation takes place.  This includes work made from surfaces lifted from the walls of the buildings, recordings of sounds produced by and within the decaying buildings, and photographic and filmed documentation of the buildings……

An interview regarding the Station X project is available at: 

Project Blog: 

Station X Facebook: 


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