Great Comms Strategy day at Open University


I had a fabulous time today at the Open University participating in their Combined Communication Conference organised by Comms Director Lucian Hudson and Emma Howe and their team.


It was a great day: short, interesting presentations interspersed with focused breakout discussions around key issues.


I was there along with the incredible Christian Payne, @Documentally on Twitter, representing the social media part of the communications space. We spent the day tweeting about and generally interacting with people both online and at the conference. In the afternoon we had an onstage conversation about social media, why we like it, how to use it etc encouraging everyone to have a go πŸ™‚


Several people did actually sign up as a result of our session and several people said that we presented the best case for using social media that they had ever seen. That was great to hear.


It’s great to see that forward thinking universities like Open, and UCL where I’m based, have a positive attitude towards using social media. It will help give them competitive advantage over other universities that have not yet engaged.


It would be good to know what other universities are doing good or bad. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like us to come and talk to your university about how to make the most of social media at your university :))


This lovely tweet from @DavidFalvey1 at the end of the conference absolutely made my day, wonderful to have such great, immediate feedback.


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