Nominet internet awards 2012

Last night was fabulous :)) 


My blog was nominated and shortlisted for the Nominet internet awards in the charity/non profit category. I got there early, so stood outside in the sunshine watching all the people walking around. I was soon joined by Bletchley Park CEO Iain Standen and we had a good catch up chat about all the interesting things that are now happening at Bletchley. Exciting times ahead. After a while we were joined by my partner Paul and we then went inside to get a drink. 


Once inside the fabulous Maggie Philbin, Jamillah Knowles, Kate Russell and Wendy Hall joined us for a great chat. And then the great guy who helped me to set up my blog: Chris Maigler joined us, I’d not seen Chris for years so it was lovely to see him too. The dinner inside the Saatchi Gallery was gorgeous, fab food. There were lots of really great people there and the atmosphere was electric. Then the proceedings began, and our table got very excited when Bletchley Park was mentioned in the opening speech by Baroness Rennie Fritchie. By the time it got to our category I was sooo nervous. I was absolutely delighted when we won runner up place in our category :)) 

It was also fab that Raspberry Pi won the overall award voted for by the public. I love Raspberry Pi :)) 


Thanks to everyone at Nominet for a fabulous evening and well done to all the winners. Roll on #nia2013!!

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