Wake up UK! We should be teaching programming from age 5!!

Great news recently that Estonia will be teaching its children programming from the age of 6. They have got the right idea.


Programming and other computer skills like app and web design and a familiarity with hardware like the Raspberry Pi are absolutely fundamental to the future economic wealth of our country. Many of us understand that and take it for granted, unfortunately the UK government doesn’t seem to get it.

We recently held a one day workshop with 7-9 year olds at St Matthew’s school where we got them hands on with app design, Raspberry Pi and Scratch programming. The kids loved it, the teachers loved it and the parents loved it. Watch the video:

Getting school children excited about IT as reported on in Computer Weekly

and read my blogpost about the day:

#gototech The <goto> Foundation’s first event

The <goto> Foundation aims to get everyone a bit more tech savvy, more comfortable with what computing is and how it all works. We should be teaching our kids this stuff, come on UK government, sort yourselves out. Estonia understands how important this is, why don’t you???


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