Veteran’s Day Poem by Mark Niel

Lovely poem by Mark Niel written for Remembrance day at Bletchley Park

Veteran???s Day

For Bletchley Park Veterans, their families, volunteers and staff.

The house, broad-shouldered in more ways than one, warmed by the last of the September sun
welcomes back prodigal daughters and sons,
and their families.

You???d pass them in the street without a glance
as if invisible, not give them chance
to talk, fearing their minds lead some phantom dance
but back in the day…

These were the brightest and best, the whip-smart tack-sharp, lips locked and secrets of the heart dead-bolted, even now, schooled in the art
of wilful silence.

The Enids and Alberts, Peggys and Jacks dwelled in the shadows of the O S Act. ???Ridley???s shooting party??? made their impact and helped win the war.

They have known more, seen more, served more, saved more than we ever will, and now, in the still,
heavy quiet, pregnant with memories
of loss and longing,

I share their burden if not their secrets. No day is ever perfect with regrets,
but I stand, grateful to be in their debt, outside the big house.

?? Mark Niel. This poem may be reproduced freely without further permission in newspapers and on news websites. 

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