1. I recently took a group of under/post grads to Bletchley as a society activity and everyone was thoroughly inspired! Thanks for your work to make this happen:-)! I must say the coach journey should have been a bit like the video ;-)On a more related note to us (Electronics Engineering???s from Queen Mary), we noticed that Tommy Flowers was from Poplar and has a UoL degree but its not mentioned from where. After a little help from Senate House (UoL headquarters) we find that:???He registered at Woolwich Polytechnic in September 1922. He passed the intermediate exam in engineering as an external student in 1925 and left Woolwich academic session 1925-6. He registered at the West Ham Municipal College in September 1926 and left there in session 1928-9. He registered at Northampton Polytechnic Institute in September 1928. He gained a first class honours degree in engineering as an internal student in 1933 and left Northampton Polytechnic in session 1932-33.???What a great part of his history to be an apprentice and take on a UoL external degree, then to finish as an internal student! To cap it all off for our trip, we are now the school of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and so the Bletchley story of bringing these areas together is particularly relevant.

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