Happy Birthday Ruby Bridges – 6 year old girls can change the world!

Thank you Ruby Bridges for your bravery. 6 year olds *can* change the world. We should be teaching all of our children in school about Ruby, about other brave #changemakers  and telling our children that they can do it too….

From Bounce TV:

Ruby Bridges, the little girl who desegregated our nation’s schools, turns 60 today. At just 6 years old, Bridges was the unofficial poster child of school desegregation and was the first African-American child in the South to live out the Supreme Court decision of “Brown v. the Board of Education,” which struck down the segregation of schools as unconstitutional. Iconic images chronicle this watershed moment in history, where she was escorted in the building by several U.S. marshals to attend school for the day. Once Bridges entered into the school, her reality persisted—spending most of her first year at William Frantz Elementary in New Orleans as the only child in the classroom. Today her name and her bravery are honored. And her valor is forever captured by historical images we’ll never forget.‪#‎Bouncers‬, feel free to wish Happy Birthday to one our youngest brave hearts of the Civil Rights Movement, Ruby Bridges.

Original post Bounce TV here


To me empowering our children to be brave is so much more important than passing any exams. Passion, excitement and the confidence to believe you can make change happen are the qualities we should be focusing on as they not only empower us as individuals but combined are the only way to create a better life for us all.

Ruby Bridges now

Ruby Bridges now

Thanks to Gary Day Ellison for sharing the link on Facebook from Bounce TV about Ruby Bridges All pics from Bounce TV.

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