Gamergate, Malala, fighting and winning #everydaysexism

I just retweeted this tweet from Gandhi because I believe it to be true. Thinking about feminism in particular I believe we are at the fighting stage. What with #gamergate and @Malala for example we are at a stage where we are getting close to a tipping point. In my 20+ years as a woman in tech and in fact my whole life as a conscious being, I’ve been aware of sexism all around me. As a teenager in the 1970s I can remember asking why there were so few women singing on Top of the Pops. The answer came back that if women wanted to be singers/rock stars they would be. I thought that was wrong then, I know that it’s wrong now. I now hear the same argument used around issues like the low number of women in tech, or women on boards “if they wanted to be there, they would be there”. What absolute rubbish! When there is equality of opportunity and has been for some time, only then will “if they wanted to be there, they would be there” be true. We do not have equality of opportunity anywhere in the world yet, but we are getting close to having the circumstances that will help to bring about that change.
There is a lot of resistance to change: gamergate, The Taliban etc but eventually that will change. We are in the fighting stage for sure of Gandhi’s saying, in the West at least. The more voices that chime in from different quarters in support of equality for women, the sooner change will happen. We may be in the “fighting” stage, so we are not there yet, but in the big scheme of things, there’s only one more phase to go, and that’s winning. It can’t happen soon enough….


  1. Hi Sue … great quote by Ghandi and love the work @MalalaFund is doing (well deserved Nobel Prize BTW!) – The fighting stage is in every area of our daily lives and now more than ever, men should support women and “equality of opportunity”. It’s not only women’s voices that should be heard, but the change should also come from us “men”.
    As usual, a pleasure to read your articles and posts!

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