Saving Bletchley Park with Sir Dermot Turing at Google and YouGov Christmas drinks 

I had a great Day yesterday speaking at Google campus about Saving Bletchley Park. I was on a double bill with Sir Dermot Turing who spoke about his book “Alan Turing Decoded” about his uncle Alan Turing. After a fabulously healthy lunch at Google I nipped over to the Unbound offices to chat to them about a new Bletchley Park related book I’m hoping to help with. I was delighted to find when I got there that the first test copies of my book had arrived!! Woohoo!!

I then walked down to Soho to meet up with great friends Judy Corbalis and husband Phillip to attend the YouGov Christmas drinks. Thanks to the fabulous Carole Stone for the invite. Bumped into several friends there including Steve Moore and Jodie Ginsberg at met some awesome new people 😀👍 Had a quick crispy pork and duck on rice at Wong Kei before making my way home. Nipped I for a quick catch up with daughter Emma before arriving home around midnight. It was a great day 😀🎉


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