RIP Lemmy – rock legend


Rock legend Lemmy who died yesterday aged 70


Motörhead were the best band I’ve ever seen live. They were my favourite band when I was 16, my friend Denise and I used to lie on the floor in her bedroom playing Motörhead – the album – over and over, really loud. I saw them play at Reading Festival in 1979, they were completely amazing. 

Me in 1980 – a big Motorhead fan

I’ve never experienced anything like it since. Just absolutely bloody incredible, mind blowing, orgasmic music.
Overkill still is one of my favourite albums ever. I should play it more often. 

Me in 1983 – still a big Motorhead fan

I only met Lemmy once, it was either at the Hippodrome or Limelight nightclub in around 1986. I can’t remember what our conversation was, but I remember I got a kiss on the cheek 😀

RIP Lemmy you will be missed. 

Lemmy dies at 70 – The Guardian 

Lemmy dies aged 70 after cancer diagnosis – BBC News

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