Capt Roddy George Maitland-Kirby Mysterious Death?

Can you help solve a WW2 murder? Justin Kirby’s great uncle worked at Bletchley Park during WW2 and was murdered in 1941. Some one must know what happened, can you help?

Some links here and details from Justin below:

Bletchley Park Roll of Honour entry:
Whaddon War Memorial page:
His gravestone:
The announcement from the Time about his death:

a tale of downward social mobility

Just got back from two week business trip to Australia and before heading home I had an email from Jeremy Bird via George H. Graham whose site contains information on my great uncle Capt Roddy George Maitland-Kirby. Jeremy mentioned that his late grandfather served in 1941 with Capt Roddy George Maitland-Kirby at Whaddon Hall in Buckinghamshire. He wondered whether any remaining Kirby family members might know anything about the circumstances of Roddy’s death because his grandfather said that some events that happened at Whaddon were far from straightforward.

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