From UK Bletchley Park related #enigmaweddingproposal to NYC City Hall wedding 

On 29th February 2016 my partner of 11 years finally proposed 😉 and did it in such a fab, geeky way that I was completely blown away and so it seemed was everyone else! 

Bletchley campaigners Enigma code wedding proposal 

Paul’s proposal to me ended up in all the UK national papers and was also featured on The Knot, a NYC based wedding website. 

Computer scientist says “yes” to encrypted proposal using WW2 Enigma machine simulator

The news also trended on Twitter for a couple of days worldwide. It was absolutely crazy! 😀

After all the excitement calmed down we had a chat about where to get married. Neither of us wanted a big wedding, and we already had a big family wedding coming up, my son Olly was getting married to his long term girlfriend Tony. We thought for a while and eventually decided that we wanted to get married somewhere we both love ❤️, In a simple straightforward ceremony, with no fuss. City Hall NYC for the bill perfectly 😀

We got married on 26th August last month 😍 It was really easy to arrange and an absolutely wonderful day. I’ve posted some pics below. I’m going to write a follow up blogpost soon about how to organise a stress free wedding in NYC 👍

Pics by fabulous and highly recommended photographer Ebbe Sweet photography, and wonderful friends Heather Taylor and Bethany Jacobson ❤️


  1. Mazel tov.

    I was reading this post, and the instant you said that you started thinking about where to get married, I immediately thought that a NYC city hall marriage would be perfect. Great minds and all that. NYC city hall marriages have a long tradition. (I know they aren’t actually in city hall, but that whole district is full of city and other government buildings, so it’s very civil service.) By the time Arsenic and Old Lace came out in 1944, city hall marriages, like the one in the movie, were a cultural institution. It was almost like getting married by the blacksmith in Gretna Green, except much more respectable. They were famous for being no frills, so perfect for young couples trying to save money and immigrants throwing in their lot in their new land. I gather the city spruced the place up a bit maybe a decade ago, but it’s still the place where marriage is front and center.

    Again, mazel tov.

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