“Thank You – I am a domestic violence survivor” Why speaking out matters #GHC17 #womenintech #DV @womensaid

I spoke about some of the very difficult times in my life at Grace Hopper conference this year and my journey from a place of violence through to where and who I am today. It’s been a long and winding road, but I made it.

Since I spoke at Grace Hopper, receiving the #ABIE17 social impact award I’ve had lots of lovely feedback from so many people. A few people have written to me to tell me what they have done since hearing my talk and it absolutely makes my day to know that I have made an impact on them. Here are one or two below. Thank you so much to the people who took the time to write to me.

Here’s a link to my speech at 1:16:35 scroll down to the GHC Wednesday 17 keynote.

sue black onsatge ghc17

Thank You – I am a domestic violence survivor

I heard you speak at Grace Hopper in Orlando. I am a domestic violence survivor and your speech motivated me to do something that I have been thinking about for years. I am taking my first step to start paying forward and I am working with leaders in my organization to start helping me to keep the human connection alive in the world of technology and help men and women stand tall and be confident after experiences like domestic violence. I am fortunate I got help and found my path of peace and success. I want to thank you to help motivate me to start working on something that means a lot of me and I am passionate about.


I first wanted to congratulate your for your great work ! What I really liked about you is that apart from being a strong woman that you are, you were very humble with your cute giggles on the applause you received 🙂 You re-instated the belief that you first need to be a good person before achieving anything in this world. Many girls like myself were inspired by you, your speech, your work. I truly want to Thank you.


sue black bupa

sue black social impact ghc17

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