From Bletchley to Brexit – an utter disgrace

From 2008-2011 I ran the successful campaign to save Bletchley Park. As part of that campaign I met and got to know several of the codebreakers including Captain Jerry Roberts and Mavis Batey who was only 18 when she made major codebreaking breakthroughs. The work that was done by 10 thousand people at BP, 8000 of them young women shortened WW2 by 2 years saving 22 million lives. 10000 people working around the clock for years making sure that we can enjoy the freedom we have had all of our lives.

Bletchley Park to me epitomises what is best about Britain and the British. People from all different backgrounds coming together around a common cause, working for years, in secret, with no real personal reward or recognition for what they have done. Incredible people in incredible times. 

To me Brexit is the opposite of this. Brexit epitomises the worst of Britain and the British. People from privileged backgrounds seeking to manipulate others, to pit people against each other for their own personal gain. Selfish people creating a selfish atmosphere in selfish times.

At a time when other countries, like China for example are building infrastructure across the world with the Belt and Road programme, buying up land, building roads across Africa and Asia, lending large amounts of money to countries that possibly won’t be able to pay it back, we in the UK are showing the world quite clearly that we are unfit to be incredible pioneers as we once were, working en masse, working in collaboration with other countries, building the alliances that we have enjoyed up until now.

We are now operating in a global marketplace. There has never been so much opportunity in the world for us to create products and services that we can sell around the world. Technology is rapidly changing the way we connect with each other, the way we trade, the way we live our lives. It is creating social change through connecting us together with others that care about making change happen. #blacklivesmatter #metoo it’s incredible that through one word, one hashtag we can create global movements that are changing the world for the better, empowering people who previously had no voice.

Technology brings amazing opportunities for jobs, education, connections with people around the world to solve global challenges, but in the UK we  just look backwards and complain about how it’s taking away jobs.

In less than 100 years we’ve gone from seeing the best of British to the worst of British. I’m utterly ashamed of what’s happening here now with Brexit, to me it feels like the UK at a pivotal time in history with all the amazing opportunities that are out there, is committing suicide in front of the world. At a time when we should be joining together and collaborating with other countries to make the world a better place to live in for us all, we are throwing away opportunity under the lie of making Britain great again. What an utter disgrace.


  1. Absolutely spot on Doc, well said and great that someone with your voice has said it in such plain terms. I salute you!

  2. Agreed.
    My heart is broken. I no longer give a flying f* about this country, but am unfortunately trapped here economically. I just hope everyone who voted for Brexit will suffer even more than the rest of us, and that I live long enough to get my EU citizenship back. I will never, ever forgive them from taking it from me against my will.

    1. Yep, I fully agree. I am in the same situation, economically trapped, fearful for my kids’ future. So far I’ve opted to fight this historic mistake, but maybe flight would have been the more sensible option.

    2. Your comment made me so angry, I just had to reply.

      I will never, ever forgive them for forcing me into EU citizenship against my will in the first place, so our views are completely polarised.

      We were entered into the EU against our will and without any democratic process – and getting out of the EU is people showing that they want their country to be self-governing again, and not being controlled by faceless un-elected bureaucrats from Brussels who dictate our policies and therefore our future.

      If you want your EU citizenship so desperately, then go and live somewhere else. Good riddance!

      You sound like a typical millennial snowflake who has no understanding of the sacrifices made by millions of others before you to maintain Britain’s independence and sovereignty.

      The Britain I know and love passionately is being destroyed by people like you.

      This entire blog is an insult to those courageous and patriotic people who staffed Bletchley to fend off our island being invaded and therefore governed by Germany. You must be blind not to see that being “absorbed” into the EU means we have been losing all that millions gave their lives for and that is why the majority voted for Brexit.

      The very fabric and identity of our country has been eroded by being a member of the EU – something that none of us – not even you – were ever asked to vote on back when the EEC morphed into the EU. The sooner we get out, the better and I am 100% convinced that life after the EU will be much better and our country will prosper and grow and become great again, despite naysayers and idiots like you.

  3. Thanks Sue, a perfect summary of a catastrophic point in our history. Whatever happens, at some point as a nation we will need to be rehabilitated. Then recapture our true collaborative spirit.

  4. How bizarre! So all the fishermen, agricultural workers, those squeezed out of getting GP appointments and competing with foreign workers for jobs which pay less than they should, are rich manipulators? I live on the front line of all this, in Plymouth, and my family is Cornish. I’ve watched the decimation of a previously sustainable and normal lifestyle. I became angry with the EU years ago. Cornwall, which has an average wage of £17,500, voted Leave for these reasons. You live in another, elevated world Sue, and you are apparently unaware of the disastrous iniquities which have overtaken the poor – far from the seats of power where the likes of Heseltine, Kinnock and Blair make their fortunes on the backs of the European taxpayer.

    1. Cornwall receives back more per head than they contribute. It has massively benefitted from grants for projects all over the county. There is nothing positive for Cornwall in leaving the EU.
      However, there is everything advantageous for the people like Rees Mogg. Did you know that the favourite economist of the ERG is Patrick Minford, who described in front of a select committee that Brexit would mean the ‘winding down’ of industry and agriculture ‘like the coal mines of the 80’s?
      If you have money to invest in disaster capitalism, then Brexit is for you. Otherwise, please read widely and see what is actually happening here.

  5. People from privileged backgrounds seeking to manipulate others, to pit people against each other for their own personal gain. Selfish people creating a selfish atmosphere in selfish times.

    Could have sworn that this describes the remain camp.

    The fundamental that Black ignores or fails to understand is that we are against the EU, its political interference and manipulation to which previous leaders signed us without our consent.

    If the purpose of integration was purely economic trading, the commentators such as Black would have to find a proper job.

    I wonder if moderation will preclude the posting of my comments.

    1. Gill Fearnley. If that is how you feel, may I suggest that you leave this country as soon as possible and let those of us who love it continue to enjoy it. You will not be missed. But you will miss living in the best country in the world.

  6. As always, someone somewhere is going to make lots and lots of lolly from this huge mistake by the British voter, but it won’t be the hardworking everyday British man, woman and child. What a huge mistake!

  7. My father, John Lloyd, set up the Japanese language school at Bletchley in May 1943. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, Sue, as would he have.

  8. It is people like ‘Professor’ Sue Black, who epitomise the Metropolitan elite and who think they are superior and know better than the ordinary man and woman in the street, and who are the reason why 17,4 million people democratically voted to leave the undemocratic EU. It is sad that people of Sue Black’s alleged superior intellect cannot accept the result of the referendum. Instead, they continue their tantrums and bemoan the decision of the average man and women in the UK and their views.

    It is people like her, and her ilk and other remoaners who are one of the main reasons why the majority who know more about proper jobs, and real life voted to restore democracy and freedom back to the British people.

    1. Sue Black isn’t a professor in quotes. She is an actual professor at Durham University. She does actually know more than the ordinary person in the street. Just sayin’

      Sure, a majority of people voted for some kind of leave. But the situation it’s left us in is insane. The decision of the average person in the UK isn’t the problem, it’s the bizarre twists and turns of those in power

      Unfortunately “proper jobs, and real life” are going to take a turn for the worse because of the way things are mismanaged. Sue Black is right to point this out

      1. Nonsense. It is the metropolitan people like Sue Black, who does NOT understand the views, concerns and problems of ordinary people with whom she does not associate, nor whom she is has any concern,

        With respect, you are just spouting the toxic rubbish spouted by Project Fear and ‘Professor ‘ Black. You have no idea what will happen after March 2019. No country has had the common sense, and the courage, to leave the EU until now. Sure, there may be some pain to achieve the greater gain. But remember in your patriotic moments – if you have them – that Britain succeeded before we were coerced into the EEC, and we will certainly survive after we leave the overpowering EU.

    2. You might want to do a bit of background reading before you make too many assumptions about how Sue Black “epitomises the Metropolitan elite”. This clearly is not the case; if anything the opposite.

      1. Her views and comments about Bletchley Park, about which she appears to know little, yet expounds a lot of left wing drivel (trust me, I have worked there and know about BP) shows that she espouses the same bigoted nonsense spouted by the arrogant and superior Metropolitan elite.

        Just as a matter of interest, why are you so sycophantic and gushing about the humble ‘Professor’ Sue Black?

      2. You seem somewhat coy in explaining why you are such a devoted cheerleader for ‘Professor’ Sue Black. Is there a reason why you should be so fulsome in your praise of someone who patently knows little about Bletchley Park? I think we should be told.

  9. I’ll pass over your condemnation of Professor Sue Black – which I do not understand

    The point you are making is that “there may some pain” but leaving the EU is a “greater gain”. Also, you are saying that I specifically have “no idea what will happen after March 2019”

    The vagaries of economics mean that no one exactly knows what will happen in the long to medium term after March 2019

    Instead of looking at what will happen after March 2019, I would look at what has happened to the UK economy in the last couple of years.

    The threat alone of a mismanaged Brexit has caused business investment to contract since 2016. Since 2016, if you look at any currency chart for GBPS vs the USD or Euro, the Pound is approximately 10% lower than it was before, again due to the threat of Brexit.

    75% of the UK’s economy is in services. If you research how services are regulated and work as exports you will see that it is highly complex and the uncertainty over Brexit has caused many services companies to shift at least part of their business to elsewhere

    So we have already experienced a short term economic hit from Brexit, even before it begins. For this reason, it seems likely to me that short term predictions for after March 2019 are that after a “blind” or disorderly Brexit the economy would be hit hard, after a Thereas May Brexit the economic problems we’ve had since 2016 will continue, threatening the “proper jobs” you originally mentioned

    You don’t say exactly what the benefits of leaving the EU but you are implying that the EU is undemocratic. One big problem with the Thereas May Brexit plan is that it is possibly the most undemocratic thing to be suggested since probably WW2. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill gives the UK government (not Parliment as a whole, just ministers) those powers to amend or revoke existing UK laws that come from or are related to EU ones – without any sensible limits to protect human rights and equalities. This isn’t democratic and is worrying. This doesn’t sound like a “gain” to me, sorry

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