Bletchley Park

My first book Saving Bletchley Park about the successful campaign that I led to save Bletchley Park is an Amazon bestseller and was the fastest crowdfunded book EVER!


The story of the social media campaign that saved Bletchley Park and an inspirational testament to the remarkable men and women whose work made it a place worth rescuing.

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In 1939, Alan Turing’s Bombe machine – the most advanced method used to crack the Nazis’ Enigma code – was born at Bletchley Park. But at the turn of the century, the only cracks left were the ones running through the walls, and the huts where teams of codebreakers had changed the course of WWII were crumbling to the ground.

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The lifeblood of some of Britain’s bravest and most inspiring citizens pulsed through Bletchley’s veins at the most crucial turning point of the war. Here, thousands of men and women contributed to the effort that saved our nation and inspired future generations with their work in the fields of computing and technology.

Order Saving Bletchley Park now

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  1. I can’t wait to receive my copy!!! I’m so glad that you were successful in your campaign to save this international heritage site. It is a truly fascinating place to visit.

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