UK/US Special Relationship – Winfield House roundtable

Enjoyed contributing to an extremely interesting round table discussion about the UK/US Special Relationship this morning at the U.S. Ambassador in London Matthew Barzun‘s residence Winfield House in Regent’s Park πŸ˜€ Β The conversation ranged from women to technology, from art to Bletchley Park and beyond. Looking forward to some practical next steps to take things to the next level.

#STOPJECTIFY – An exhibition, highlighting the damaging effects of objectification, imagining & creating CHANGE!

An exhibition, highlighting the damaging effects of objectification, imagining & creating CHANGE!
Do check out #STOPJECTIFY fabulous #girlpower #sexpositive exhibiTion curated by the incredibly talented Jess De Wahls, on for this week only in Percy Street, London this week. Don’t miss it!!!

Is this what a feminist looks like?

Frida Kahlo

With an exhibition title like “Big Swinging Ovaries” it’s probably obvious that artist Jess de Wahls is a feminist. What’s less obvious is that “Big Swinging Ovaries” brings together art, feminism and recycling to create portraits of diverse female role models.

Jess says “The aim is to start a dialogue around what it means to be a feminist and show that something valuable can be created from things that others think are worthless, whilst also conveying the importance of female role models, in our current society and for future generations.”

Jess de Wahls

The exhibition features hand-sewn 3D portraits of inspiring female role models, including Beyonce, Vivienne Westwood and Frida Kahlo. I have to admit some bias here as I’m honoured to be featured in one of the portraits (I’ve not seen it yet).

Jess has spent the last year working hard creating the RE TEX sculptures, RE TEX standing for REcycled TEXtile sculpting, the material for the sculptures coming from friends and family’s unwanted clothes.

“Big Swinging Ovaries” the exhibition will run for 11 days, with the opening night on 8 March 2014: International Women’s Day at 13 Whitcomb Street, London WC2H 7HA.

For more information contact Jess De Wahls