Techmums on BBC Breakfast Time!

Today has been a great day, and it’s not 1pm yet.

After a lovely family meal at Mai Sushi near Euston station to celebrate my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday, I travelled up to Manchester last night arriving around 11pm at the Holiday Inn Media City.

I was a bit nervous about being on Breakfast Time in the morning, but after chatting to friends online and prepping fo the morning managed to get to sleep around 1am.


I woke up at 6am, got ready and walked over to the studios. Aimee Pye and Will Gardener were also guests this morning, so we all got taken up to the green room together.

I was on first so went straight into makeup and then down to the studio.

Today is Safer Internet Day 2014, I followed a video about sexting. I was asked something like how to control childrens’ behaviour online.

I think that “control” is completely the wrong attitude. The best way to approach kids being safe online is to think about it like teaching your child to be streetwise. You don’t tell your children that they will never be allowed out alone. Its all about building up a dialogue and relationship with your kids where you can discuss any issues openly. Communication and education are key.

That’s one of the reasons I set up #techmums. #techmums is all about getting mums tech savvy, from app and web design to social media and online security to coding in Python on Raspberry Pis. Getting mums up to speed with technology ultimately helps not just them but everyone around them too. Mums who are confident and excited about tech will produce kids who are savvier and safer.


Safer Internet Day is a great initiative, great to focus eveyone’s minds on keeping safe online. Mums have a great role to play in that and savvy #techmums can play an important role in giving our kids a safer future.