Honorary Doctorate from Royal College of Art presented by Jony Ive

I had a wonderful time today receiving an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

Massive congratulations to all students graduating today at TheAlbertHall and my fellow honorands Siobhรกn Davies and Peter Gabriel

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I won the Digital Agenda Editor’s award for outstanding contribution to technology for good #tech4good #digitalimpactย 

I was deeply honoured and absolutely delighted to win the special Editor’s Impact award at the Digital Agenda  Impact awards last week for my ” outstanding contribution to technology for good”. 

It was an amazing afternoon full of great catchups with friends in the tech for good space and interesting and exciting conversations with so many incredible social entrepreneurs ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰ 

Women of Silicon Roundabout conference – “If I can do it, so can you”

Sometimes I get lovely messages that just make my day. Here’s one that I received recently after I gave my “If I can do it, so can you” talk at the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference last month:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how lovely it was to listen to you talk yesterday – I found your journey and background really very inspiring. I came away thinking about all the things I’m scared of, starting my own business on the side being the main one, something that for two years I say I don’t have time for when I know I am passionate about it and just need to do it! You made me think I can, and now, I will.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.43.06

By telling our stories we really can help inspire each other to go on and do things which we might not otherwise. Many people have inspired me to do the things that I do, I’m so delighted to be able to inspire others.

Apps World and Women in Tech

Had a great afternoon at Apps World conference doing a fire side chat with Martha Lane Fox about women in tech, UK tech heritage, digital up skilling, and the future global digital world and the role the UK should be playing. 


Kickass #techmums training at An Cosan in Ireland

#techmums went international this week as we flew over to An Cosan college in Tallaght, Dublin to train 6 new kickass #techmums trainers. Liz Waters, principal at An Cosan, had seen me keynote the Future Jobs Forum in Dublin earlier this year and connected with me afterwards to find out more about #techmums and what we were doing.
We were greeted at Dublin airport by a very friendly taxi driver and taken to Maldren Hotel in Tallaght.

Avril from An Cosan kindly took us out for a lovely dinner on the first night. I loved the whole story about how An Cosan college was set up 27 years ago by two women, in their own houses. They wanted to help women in the deprived local area get an education with the view of changing their lives for the better. This really resonated with me as that is what I have done with my own family and with #techmums.

The next morning Avril kindly picked us up and took us to An Cosan. We didn’t have much of an idea what to expect, so were totally overwhelmed when we got there to find everyone so wonderfully kind, friendly and welcoming. After a welcome cup of tea we started off the day in the usual An Cosan way with a poem read by the principal Liz Waters. We were all sat around a large table as Liz read the poem, listening and focusing our eyes on the lovely candle and flowers in the middle.

We all then introduced ourselves around the room. As we went around the room and everyone spoke I became overcome with emotion and started crying. I’ve never before felt so in tune with a whole group of people that I’ve only just met. What a very special place An Cosan is, full of incredible women who have come from hardship to change not only their lives but the lives of many others around them.
When we had finished our introductions and had a break before starting our training I got everyone together for a #selfie ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

We had a great first day getting to know each other and taking everyone through our #techmums train the trainer program. At the end of the first day Aly, Mary and I were elated and exhausted at the same time.

Along with the wonderful Sinead who is our #techmums champion at An Cosan we got a taxi into Dublin to meet more fabulous women for dinner. Dinner at Peyton and Byrne was delicious; our waitress was French and awesome. She thought that our #techmums tshirts said #technomums and wanted to come out to a techno club with us after dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the women at dinner were fabulous in their own way and all keen to support, champion and encourage women in tech: Ann O’Dea from Silicon Republic, Eithne Harley from Accenture Ireland and Liz Waters principal of An Cosan. It was a great evening of excitement and putting the world to rights.
We went home at the end of the evening feeling excited and hopeful about getting disadvantaged women into tech and changing the world.
The next morning we went into An Cosan again for the second day of our program.

An Cosan must be the friendliest place I’ve ever been to. Every single person there exudes welcome and friendliness, its incredible. Every day at break time Aisling would welcome us with tea, coffee and freshly made scones that were absolutely to die for.

Day 2 had started with Sinead reading us a wonderful poem by Nelson Mandela and playing some music.

I’m so delighted that Sinead is going to be running #techmums at An Cosan. She is a perfect combination of intelligence, humour and caring that I’m sure will enable #techmums at An Cosan to fly producing many kickass savvy #techmums for years to come.

At the end of day 2 of our training we held our graduation ceremony with Sinead, Eithne, Donna, Laingo, Valerie and Angela all graduating, becoming An Cosan’s very own team of kickass, savvy #techmums trainers.

All of them great role models in themselves for the women of Tallaght. I’m proud to have met and spent time with them.
We were very sad to leave An Cosan at the end of the day, but are already looking forward to going back to work on partnership opportunities. Completely like minded people are hard to find, and finding a whole organisation full of them is a life changing experience.

We left after a quick #selfie with Sinead and Aisling, got in our taxi and were off to the airport.

The flight home was quick, arriving at Heathrow as the sun was setting.

Thank you Ann O’Dea for inviting me to speak at the Future Jobs Forum in Dublin earlier this year, thank you Eithne Harley for telling Liz Waters from An Cosan to come and listen to my talk there. Thank you Liz for inviting us to An Cosan, thank you Sinead for being a kickass #techmums ambassador and leader and to all of our new kickass savvy #techmums trainers at An Cosan: Eithne, Donna, Laingo, Valerie and Angela. We are so delighted to have you on board ๐Ÿ˜ƒ



100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 20.12.09


Thanks very much to Business Insider for including me in an awesome line up of women in their “Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter 2014”. I came in at number 35 and am in very prestigious and truly awesome company, with many great friends also on the list. Check out the top 100 compiled with help from Peer Index.

** I went back to school aged 26, even I didn’t manage to have three kids and get divorced by the age of 20 ๐Ÿ˜‰



2 Awards in One Day!! #cwwomen #nia2014

Yesterday was an awesome day. I was voted 9th most influential woman in tech by Computer Weekly in the afternoon and we won the Nominet Internet Award for the best Online Skills and Training company in the evening.

There are so many great women on the Computer Weekly list, do check them all out. Dame Wendy Hall was rightly voted most influential woman, with the awesome tech pioneer Dame Steve Shirley in second place. Great also to see MP Chi Onwurah placed and several BCSWomen including the wonderful Hannah Dee ๐Ÿ™‚

The Nominet Internet Awards in the evening were awesome too. So lovely for #techmums to win our award and great that our fellow BGV alumni WriteLaTeX won an award too. Great hosting by Kate Russell as always.












#techmums meet #techma’am

This Monday I and 349 other techies went to a wonderful event for tech entrepreneurs hosted by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. It was an absolutely awesome evening, I caught up with lots of fab friends, made lots of new friends and also had lots of lovely chats with people who are fans of Bletchley Park, BCSWomen and women in tech. A real night to remember, and thank goodness there are pics to prove it otherwise I’d be in danger of thinking it was all a dream….











Techmums on BBC Breakfast Time!

Today has been a great day, and it’s not 1pm yet.

After a lovely family meal at Mai Sushi near Euston station to celebrate my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday, I travelled up to Manchester last night arriving around 11pm at the Holiday Inn Media City.

I was a bit nervous about being on Breakfast Time in the morning, but after chatting to friends online and prepping fo the morning managed to get to sleep around 1am.


I woke up at 6am, got ready and walked over to the studios. Aimee Pye and Will Gardener were also guests this morning, so we all got taken up to the green room together.

I was on first so went straight into makeup and then down to the studio.

Today is Safer Internet Day 2014, I followed a video about sexting. I was asked something like how to control childrens’ behaviour online.

I think that “control” is completely the wrong attitude. The best way to approach kids being safe online is to think about it like teaching your child to be streetwise. You don’t tell your children that they will never be allowed out alone. Its all about building up a dialogue and relationship with your kids where you can discuss any issues openly. Communication and education are key.

That’s one of the reasons I set up #techmums. #techmums is all about getting mums tech savvy, from app and web design to social media and online security to coding in Python on Raspberry Pis. Getting mums up to speed with technology ultimately helps not just them but everyone around them too. Mums who are confident and excited about tech will produce kids who are savvier and safer.


Safer Internet Day is a great initiative, great to focus eveyone’s minds on keeping safe online. Mums have a great role to play in that and savvy #techmums can play an important role in giving our kids a safer future.