A Day in Geek Heaven

Yesterday didn’t start so well, my elder daughter Emma dropped the ironing board on her foot and we thought for a bit it might be broken, luckily it wasn’t πŸ™‚ I was due to Chair two sessions and give a presentation at Opentech from 10.45am-12.40pm and I couldn’t find my memory stick containing my presentation, I was also now behind schedule for getting to Opentech. After 20 mins of frantic searching for the memory stick I realised that I could just take my laptop with me….doh!


Thanks to helpful tweets from friends I managed to calm myself down and get on my way to UCL πŸ™‚

Opentech is always populated by people that I would have on my wish list of people to hang out with for the day, so I knew I was in for an enjoyable experience. I arrived with time to spare…just and went up to my room for the morning to make sure that everything was ready. I Chaired the first session in the room which was data.gov.uk, Richard Sterling, John Sheridan and Jenni Tennison, great to see the detail of what these guys are doing. Exciting and game changing stuff :))

Next was the session that I Chaired and spoke in…not the easiest thing to do, so I probably forgot to say some vitally important things…but hopefully no one noticed! I gave a talk entitled “Can Twitter save Bletchey Park?” all about the campaign to save Bletchley Park for posterity and using social media to achieve that end. I was followed by Carl Reynolds speaking about ‘Feedback for Emergency Doctors’ and Nick Booth on ‘Cc’ing the World’, both very interesting presentations.

I spent a lot of time chatting to great friends, and meeting new people, it was an *awesome* day.

I had to leave around 5pm and make my way to a restaurant to meet my family for a curry before heading over to Wembley Stadium to see Muse in concert. I hadn’t been there since I went to see Bruce Springsteen about two hundred years ago ;))

We had a wonderful evening. It was a busy but extremely enjoyable day :))

PS…On Sunday I found the memory stick in my trouser pocket!