Why do I love knitting?

I absolutely love knitting. I have no idea why. If I go a day without knitting I miss it so much. And when I am knitting I feel calm and content. It can’t just be any knitting though. What I enjoy making changes over time. At the moment I really enjoy 2 colour knitting using Double Knitting thickness wool. I’m making a jumper from a pattern called Guthrie. I bought the wool in Ann Arbor in Michigan a few weeks ago when I was over in the USA. What a wonderful wool shop it was, I found it very hard to choose which wool I was going to buy. I settled on a navy blue and a green variegated yarn. Here are the details for any knitters that are interested: 

Ann Arbor Guthrie

I need to follow a pattern that has some kind of colour work and I usually watch TV, well more likely a Netflix series or listen to Audiobooks while I’m knitting. It kind of  feels like I’m meditating. I don’t know about you but I can’t just sit and watch TV. I feel like it only uses up 20 percent of my brain, and I need something else to occupy the rest of my brain or I will go crazy. Knitting fills that void and also provides me, my children and grandchildren with clothes that we can wear, and most of the time look pretty cool too. 

Why do you knit? I’d love to know.

I’d also love to know why I enjoy it so much, if you have any idea please get in touch 🙂


  1. I love knitting too, I’ve knitted as long as I can remember, and have knitted everything from the simplest square to enormously complicated garments. But, as you say, what I want to knit varies from time to time. I also spin (probably more than knitting) and weave (just to use up the yarn).

    When my father died, back in 2015, there was a two week period between his death and funeral. My brain didn’t want the shape of knitting, so I crocheted. I made an enormous circular blanket and really cracked how crochet works – I hadn’t really before. There was something about the way my hands worked while crocheting that felt much better than the way they worked for knitting, just at that time.

    Currently my mother is suffering from really bad short term memory loss, probably leading up to dementia. it’s sucking all the energy out of everything else – I’ve knitted two sweaters tihs year but can’t seem to gather the effort to start something else – and I normally have three or four things on the go at once. I’m currently combing out a whole fleece to spin, but that isn’t really portable, and makes mess.

    Humans have made things with their hands as long as we’ve been humans, if not before, Making string is the ultimate human skill – you can’t even tie two sticks together without string, or tie a skin around your body for warmth without making a strap or string to tie. I firmly beieive that we need to do things with out hands, especially in social or learning situations (I listen *so* much better if I can knit).I have a sneaking feeling that having a phone to fiddle with taps into the same sort of atavistic feeling.

    I attend experimental archaeology and history conferences when I can. At least half of the audience will be quietly knitting, spinning, crocheting, stitching, nalbinding,.. Of course, most small textile skills are quiet.

    I seem to have wittered on a bit. Hope you found it interesting.

  2. That’s all so interesting thank you. Yes, I also find I listen better when I’m knitting. One thing that’s been great about lockdown has been that I’ve been able to knit during online meetings, for some reason I don’t feel comfortable knitting when at in person meetings. How wonderful that so many people are knitting, crocheting etc during you conferences. Maybe I’m old (confident) enough to do that myself now, I’ve never seen anyone knit during any of the conferences that I’ve ever been to.

    Thanks again so much for your response, are you on Ravelry? If so please friend me on there 😊

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