Why do I love knitting?

I absolutely love knitting. I have no idea why. If I go a day without knitting I miss it so much. And when I am knitting I feel calm and content. It can’t just be any knitting though. What I enjoy making changes over time. At the moment I really enjoy 2 colour knitting using Double Knitting thickness wool. I’m making a jumper from a pattern called Guthrie. I bought the wool in Ann Arbor in Michigan a few weeks ago when I was over in the USA. What a wonderful wool shop it was, I found it very hard to choose which wool I was going to buy. I settled on a navy blue and a green variegated yarn. Here are the details for any knitters that are interested: 

Ann Arbor Guthrie

I need to follow a pattern that has some kind of colour work and I usually watch TV, well more likely a Netflix series or listen to Audiobooks while I’m knitting. It kind of  feels like I’m meditating. I don’t know about you but I can’t just sit and watch TV. I feel like it only uses up 20 percent of my brain, and I need something else to occupy the rest of my brain or I will go crazy. Knitting fills that void and also provides me, my children and grandchildren with clothes that we can wear, and most of the time look pretty cool too. 

Why do you knit? I’d love to know.

I’d also love to know why I enjoy it so much, if you have any idea please get in touch 🙂