Which man am I?

When I saw a link on my friend Alison Leary’s Facebook to a BCS quiz called “What computer am I?” I got all excited (yes, I know, very sad) wondering which computer I would turn out to be. I am after all a geek and what geeks love are computers and everything to do with them, right? So I clicked the link and started the quiz…

What computer am I?

What computer am I?

The first screen told me some of the options, ooh which one will I be? I clicked “start test”.

The first question asked me “Where are you most comfortable?” I vacillated between options B and C, decided on B, clicked select and got the next question.

Where are you most comfortable?

Where are you most comfortable?

Who would you most like to be? Hmmmm, a choice of four men. Well I’d rather be Ada Lovelace, Steve Shirley, Dina St Johnston or some other woman in computing thanks very much.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 00.28.14

So, I’m stuck, if I don’t choose one of the four men on offer I can’t progress through the quiz.

Ah well, I should be tucked up in bed anyway….good night.

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