2 Awards in One Day!! #cwwomen #nia2014

Yesterday was an awesome day. I was voted 9th most influential woman in tech by Computer Weekly in the afternoon and we won the Nominet Internet Award for the best Online Skills and Training company in the evening.

There are so many great women on the Computer Weekly list, do check them all out. Dame Wendy Hall was rightly voted most influential woman, with the awesome tech pioneer Dame Steve Shirley in second place. Great also to see MP Chi Onwurah placed and several BCSWomen including the wonderful Hannah Dee πŸ™‚

The Nominet Internet Awards in the evening were awesome too. So lovely for #techmums to win our award and great that our fellow BGV alumni WriteLaTeX won an award too. Great hosting by Kate Russell as always.












One comment

  1. I went through the #DigitalRevolution exhibition at the Barbican today – chatting to one of the staff and she said she was really pleased at how many women were coming in and seemed to be engaging on all levels!

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